Sesame seed carrier oil, a hardy seed crop that is widely used in Ayurvedic that is able to grow under extreme weather conditions. An oil useful and noted for its antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties when applied to skin. Useful for common skin pathogens, fungi and  athelete's foot. Regulates sebum which is beneficial for acne sufferers.  Easily absorbed by skin and moisturizes deeply.

Sesame Seed Oil

  • Ingredient: Sesamum Indicum
    Method of extraction: Cold pressed
    Cultivation method: Traditional
    Skin type: Dehydrated, mature, acne prone, sun damaged
    Scent: Slightly nutty,sesame scent and golden yellow in colour
    Method of usage: Best used in blends. Add to essential oil blends and apply to skin/hair or use as base for skincare/massage oils mixes. Do note that the scent may overpower most oils therefore use sparingly.