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carrier oils • singles

Hijau Philosophy carrier oils are organic, wild-crafted or traditionally farmed and are for face, body and hair care purposes. Our oils are cold pressed, pure and natural. Use alone or compliment with your favourite essential oils to further enhance its benefits. Carrier oils are also known as base oils/vegetable oils. they are harvested from seeds, kernels, nuts or fruit pulps. Helps soothe and nourish skin when applied topically. Also used in medicinal applications and for sensual purposes. Colours of oils vary from red, orange, green, brown, golden, yellow to clear. Each tint and hue has an attribute of its own signature qualities based on nutrition and topical usage. The scent of each oil can be nutty, spicy, fruity, fatty, earthy/herbaceous or simply unscented. The texture of the oils are either light, medium or heavy in viscosity. Customers need not worry about oiliness when the correct oil type and purpose are chosen correctly for usage. It is a good way to start your journey into natural skincare and holistic wellness as it is free of chemicals, colourings, solvents and preservatives.

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