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by scent

Image by Joyce Toh

Floral, mild and sometimes intense sweet scents that are soothing and calming when applied to skin or diffused.


Bright, fresh and crisp with fruity, sweet and sourish notes.


Fresh green, earthy and at times with low balsamic tones or hints of mint and camphorous aromas.


Described as characteristically warming, at times with hints of sweet, balsamic under tones and sharp, bitter aromas.

Image by Tetiana Bykovets

Earthy, warming with deep, soft rich tones.


Reminiscent of freshly cut wood with nutty, sweet, warm balsamic tones. At times wood based oils carry citrus or even floral aromas too.

Image by okeykat

Cooling, minty, sweet fresh mentholic, peppermint like.

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