Daun Hijau

Rewards Program

Save by becoming a part of our new Daun Hijau rewards program!

Thank you for being a loyal Hijau Philosophy customer! We are excited to share our newly implemented rewards program to better grow our Hijau Philosophy community and help you save some dollar bills on your purchases.



Redeem your Daun Hijaus for a discount on your next purchase.



Daun Hijaus

You'll earn 10 Daun Hijaus for every Rm1 you spend and bonus Daun Hijaus for liking our social media pages!



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Ways To Earn

Discover ways to collect Daun Hijau Points

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Celebrate a birthday

200 Points

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Share on Facebook

100 Points

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Place an order

10 Points for every

Rm 1 spent.

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Follow us on Instagram

50 Points

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Like us on Facebook

50 Points

Save with Daun Hijau Points

Use Daun Hijau Points as a discount on any purchase by logging in to your account and applying them at checkout!

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10% Discount

When you leave a review

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Customers will also be awarded a 10% discount after a review is left about our brand and products at our web store.We would love to know how you feel about our items! Reviews will not only allow us to get a better insight on how we may improve and serve you better but, the added knowledge will aid the next person’s shopping experience!

Your discount code will then be emailed to you within the next 3 working days.