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natural. therapeutic. pure.

Hijau Philosophy specializes in pure, therapeutic standards of essential oils, aromatherapy products and handcrafted soaps. Our products are of uncompromising quality and standards. We are intent and passionate on sharing the lessons learnt on our journey towards holistic living...ways that can be incorporated into our daily lives for bettering health, the natural way.

Essential Oils



100% VEGAN

All oils are specially curated with purity & natural constituents / ingredients being top of mind!

Best Seller Sets

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Customer favourites of single oils and blends paired as sets at special prices just for you!


Skin Care

Our concept of skincare is simple and "clean". A careful selection of oils that allows for a fuss free daily skincare routine. Find the right oil or blend to meet your skin type and needs.

Natural Skincare
Skin Care & Beauty Tools

Spa Collection

What started as a custom blend request for a  range of oil blends to meet the needs of people seeking relaxation and relief at a local chain of spa's is now a staple in our collection of therapeutic oil blends. 

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Deep Sleep Blend for insomnia


We've collated all our customers favourites here. Single note oils to blends and accessories to aid your aromatherapy journey.

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Aromatherapy 101

Pure essential oils have many skin and health benefits. We share important points and guides on usage safety and "how-to", with confidence.

Safety Tips & Applications