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Bergamot oil helps lessens oily skin and tighten enlarged pores. Also assists with treating acne and itchy skin conditions. Its bright, refreshing scent is a stress reliever and is also an antidepressant. Natural properties found in bergamot encourage hair growth as it helps prevent oxidative stress on scalp and hair

Bergamot (Organic)

SKU: EO-171
PriceFrom RM75.00
  • Ingredient: Citrus aurantium bergamia (Organic)

    Plant Part: Fruit Peel

    Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

    Country of Origin: India

    Scent: Refreshing, citrus scent that instantly uplifts mood and calms mind.

    Skin Type: Oily skin and large pores

    Organic Certified: Yes

    Method of Usage: Skin application (with proper dilution), diffuse/burner/inhaler

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