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Hijau Philosophy's Jasmine absolute is a highly concentrated essential oil extracted from jasmine flowers. Jasmine oils are extracted without the utilization of heat to preserve its original deep, exotic floral scent.


Some incredible benefits of Jasmine absolute are:



  • Acts as a relaxant and antidepressant, calming anxiety and stress while promoting restful sleep
  • Elevates mood and reduces feelings of irritability, anger, and frustration
  • Aids in improving alertness and concentration



  • Possesses natural antiseptic and disinfectant properties suitable for various skin types
  • Widely used as a beauty oil for general skin care and oily skin types



  • Helps enhance pain tolerance, especially when combined with peppermint, for individuals engaging in strenuous physical activities
  • Alleviates labor pains and discomfort during painful PMS

Jasmine Absolute, Roll On

PriceFrom RM65.00
  • Ingredients: Jojoba Oil,  Jasminum Grandiflorum (pre-diluted to 2%)

    Skin Type: Suitable for most skin conditions. However a patch test should be conducted prior to usage

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