“Coining”, or Gua Sha is traditionally used in ancient Chinese medicine to help treat illness. It is also common practice in South East Asian countries too. Gua sha can be applied to your face and body to address issues such as muscle aches and chronic pain. Also helps relieve muscle tension on face, jaw or neck. “Skin scraping”, another useful method, stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage. As part of your daily skin routine upkeep for radiant skin, apply gua sha to aid product absorption, stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. For relaxation and muscle tension relief, gua sha using acupressure on face or body accordingly.

Crystal Gua Sha

  • Ingredient: Rose Quartz (Pink), Aventurine (Green)
    *Due to its natural composition, crystal colour, tones and patterns will vary and is unique to each gua sha. 
    Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive
    Product Type: Skincare, Beauty Tools
    Size: 95mm (L) x 53mm (W)
    *Please note that sizes may vary slightly



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