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A popular variant of lavender due to its pleasing, uplifting scent, it eases anxieties and brightens one’s mood. Its regenerative properties help inhibit skin irritation, making it very suitable for skin care. It also helps in preventing respiratory issues.

Lavender French

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PriceFrom RM78.00
  • Ingredients: Lavendula Dentata

    Country of Origin: France

    Plant Parts:  Flowering tops

    Method of Extraction: Distillation

    Cultivation Method: Traditional

    Certified: GCMS 
    Scent: Popular floral scent, slightly herbaceous with low camphorous notes and hints of fruitiness. Clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid.
    Skin Type:  All skin types 
    Method of Usage: Useful for skin afflictions such as mild burns, scalds and itchy skin problems. Add to respiratory blends to soothe breathing issues. Add 1-3% to base oils/creams for face/body. Diffuse between 3-4 drops (every 100ml of water) and enjoy its benefits. Blends well with most oils.

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