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A chemical-free option of carefully chosen oils that work in synergy to deodorize scents and nasty odours. Freshen up rooms and spaces, body and personal items. 

Fresh Air Blend

PriceFrom RM78.00
  • Ingredients:*Lemon, Grapefruit, *Bergamot, *Palmarosa, **Patchouli, Cypress, *Tea Tree

    *Organic **Wildcrafted

    Scent: Light floral with refreshing citrus notes top notes and clean, herbaceous under tones.

    Method of Usage: Diffuse between 2-3 drops (every 100ml of water). As a homemade DIY spray, add up to 2% to witch hazel water or grain proof alcohol (95%). Shake and spray preferably on clothing and shoes. Add to balm formulas/oils/creams/aloe vera gels accordingly (refer to skin dilution chart). Although suitable for most skin types, a patch test is required. Avoid sensitive skin and eye areas.

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