Gentle yet all-rounder bacteria buster with antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties. Thyme essential oil is good for cleaning and air purification purposes. Useful addition to dimply skin and muscle/joint recovery blends.


SKU: EO-135
  • Ingredient: Thymus vulgaris
    Country of origin: Spain
    Plant parts: Leaves and stems
    Method of extraction:  Distilled 
    Cultivation method: Traditional 
    Certified: Yes
    Skin type: All skin types
    Scent: Herbaceous, green, warm & slightly medicinal. Reddish,brown in colour.
    Method of usage: Add a few drops to base oils/creams/lotions (please refer to Skin Dilution Chart) and apply to skin accordingly. Diffuse between 5-6 drops (every 100ml of water) and enjoy its benefits. Add a few drops to cleaning for its disinfecting properties. Blends well with citrus, lavender, pine and rosemary oils.