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Blend of anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the risk of skin infections, irritations and itchiness. Helps soothe and calm skin. Also prevents further skin infection of wounds and eases possible inflammations.

Ultra Soothing Essential Oil Blend

  • Ingredients: Pelargonium graveolens (Rose geranium), Lavender (Lavendula dentata), Bergamot (Citrus aurantium Bergamia), Tumeric (Curcuma longa), Sage (Salvia officinalis L), Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis L), Carrot (Daucus carota)

    Scent: Floral high notes with low herbaceous,balsamic notes

    Method of Usage: Recommended usage with Ultra Soothing Oil, Deep Skin Relief Blend (starting with 2% dilution of eo to carrier oils to a maximum of 5%). Alternatively diffuse (2-3 drops per 100ml water) accordingly to calm nerves and feelings of anxiety.



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